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Give up smoking

If you are a smoker thinking about quitting there probably isn’t anything I can tell you that you don’t know about the dangers of smoking. So together we focus on the positive benefits of being a non-smoker and creating better habits.

This is a very effective technique and usually you will not smoke after the first session. However to ensure these new non-smoking habits are enduring I recommend three or four sessions, the last of which is at the three-month point, where many people are vulnerable to relapsing.
If you are really ready to give up smoking, there is no easier way to do it than by harnessing the power of your unconscious mind. In fact hypnotherapy has more than twice the success rate of its closest competitor (acupuncture) in smoking cessation programs.

Improve your sleep

Your body has the memory of being able to sleep properly and deeply through the night, even if you don’t!

Insomnia is one of the most common and debilitating disturbances in modern life. After a few gentle sessions of hypnosis most people report sleeping comfortably through the night and getting adequate sleep.

If you are an insomniac, imagine how great it will be to sleep comfortably through the night. As one of my clients put it: “like winning Tatts Lotto”.

More effective study and exam performance

Over three sessions we will address the three most important keys to successful study and exam performance.

1 Learn more easily – be in a relaxed and focused state when taking in the information and it will create a memory of the information that you can later access. Sounds simple, but many students do not have effective study habits.

2 Recall what you know – get rid of the stress and distractions around you and in a calm and focused state, you can access the information that’s in there! This is particularly effective in the exam situation, where hypnosis can help you access what you know in the time you have available, impervious to the anxiety or stresses that might have previously been part of your experience.

3 Relax effectively – recent research into memory formation shows that adequate rest is necessary to lay down new memories. One thing many students do is ‘push on’ when a rest would be more effective. Hypnosis allows you to take more effective breaks, and to sleep better.

Pregnancy and labour

Hypnosis can be used to deal with fears around pregnancy and labour, to create a positive state in the labour room, and I can also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can bring a feeling of numbness to any parts that might otherwise be uncomfortable! This includes back pain during the latter part of pregnancy and of course, during the labour itself.

There is also a hypnotic phenomenon known as ‘time distortion’ which we can set in place so that the contractions seem much shorter to you than they are. None of these interventions will in any way contradict what you have arranged with your doctor or midwife, or affect your or the baby’s health, and they are designed to assist your level of comfort throughout the labour.

We can include a session with your birthing partner so that together, you can create the calm and relaxed state that hypnosis can bring to this situation. We arrange some ‘non-verbal signals’ that your partner can do – a squeeze of the hand or shoulder for example – that will immediately engage your unconscious and bring relaxation in.

Improve musical or sports performance

New brain research shows that when someone imagines themselves ‘doing’ something – kicking a ball, playing an instrument – the same parts of the brain light up (as shown on FMRI scans) as if they were actually doing the actions.

Hypnosis takes this a step further and harnesses the imagination’s ability to improve certain skills through practice in this very relaxed state. The critical faculty can step aside while we imagine new solutions and ways of behaving to improve our play. This focused state also allows us to ‘see’ ourselves doing the action and determine what needs more work, as well as what is going well.

Preparation for surgery / healing from injury / other medical applications

This is an area where I believe one of the strongest potentials for hypnosis lies – harnessing the body’s resources in a very focused and purposeful state to heal and create ongoing health.
Hypnosis has been proven in its efficacy during and after operations. The unconscious controls blood flow, scar formation and healing, after all.

I am trained in advanced medical hypnosis so please discuss your particular issue with me.

Other applications

I have listed a few of the ways in which hypnosis can be beneficial above, but there are many more including general stress, teeth grinding (bruxism and TMJ), fears and phobias, skin conditions, self-defeating habits, writer’s block or other creative blocks, etc. The unconscious is involved in everything we do and don’t do – this process engages the power of the mind.