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‘I knew I needed to quit and I knew the sooner I did it the better for my long-term health. However I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to become a non-smoker, that I wouldn't have the willpower to break the addiction. Hypnosis took away that fear and replaced it with positive thoughts about becoming a non-smoker. I thought I was going to feel like I was missing out on something when I quit but all I have felt is relief and a sense of achievement.’

Zoe, Producer


‘I knew that my fear of flying had intensified over time, but when it was clearly affecting the way that I was able to perform my job, it was time to do something about it. The hypnotherapy that I’ve had has had a dramatic impact on my ability to fly. I still remember that I have had a fear, but I can now calmly fly any duration of flight. I still feel slightly tense through turbulence, but that’s a massive improvement on the tears I used to experience.’

Kelly, General Manager


‘Following brain surgery I found it hard to relax and was always nervous about the recovery process. Helen suggested hypnosis as a way to relax and focus on happy times. I have had a number of sessions with Helen and feel much more relaxed and positive about the future. My boyfriend is going too now! It helps him remain calm during exams. Grazie Helen!’

Linda, Language Teacher and Radio Producer


‘In the long slog of study, motivation and focus were always big issues. Hypnosis really helped my mind cope with the exhaustion and demands of the level of study I was doing. It most importantly taught me to be calm, so I could walk into my first exam thinking only of the subject material that was relevant, not being distracted, stressed, or thinking about the exams to come.

By using the strategies I learnt in hypnosis, I was able to take a step-by-step approach to my exams, and put them behind me as soon as they were done.’

Jess, University Student


‘I was involved in some hypnotherapy sessions with Helen Wayland in 2008. I found Helen very professional but at the same time warm and friendly which immediately put me at ease - an important point as I had never before been hypnotised and was a little sceptical about this type of therapy.

The overall experience was very relaxing and enjoyable. The most beneficial outcome of my sessions with Helen was a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns. As a long-time early morning insomniac I was very happy when after only a few appointments I began sleeping soundly throughout the night - something I have not been able to do for many years. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who is looking for a hypnotherapist.’

Kim, Product and Campaign Manager, Financial Services

‘I always found it extremely hard to clear my mind of my day and found that I was thinking so much that I couldn’t get to sleep. I was exhausted and feeling lethargic every day. I don’t really understand how, but I’m now able to close my eyes and park my thoughts allowing me to sleep. The sleep I’ve had after the three sessions is the deepest I can remember having.’

Kelly, General Manager, Melbourne


‘I have learned some self-limiting beliefs and habits during the course of my life, unconsciously of course! The reassuring sessions with Helen have helped me to determine their provenance and to change them for the better, using a safe, gentle utterly relaxing method... I will never be able to look up in the sky again, look at a fluffy white cloud and not feel relaxed. My eating for comfort has been resolved, as has my fear around success...It's a really nice space to be in.’

Angela, Melbourne


‘I started learning to play the violin a few years ago as an adult. Being able to 'feel' the beat of the music and using vibrato were two areas in which I was having a lot of trouble. Hypnotherapy has helped me to begin to feel the beat inside myself rather than trying to count it out logically as I play. It is also helping me to know when and how to use vibrato instinctively, and to lose the tension and stress in my arm and fingers that came with being self-conscious about it.’

Rosemary, Canberra


‘I want to thank you for yesterday’s session and give you some feedback – today I am feeling full of energy and ready to tackle all sorts of unfinished business as well as new. I feel much clearer and more focussed about myself and what I can do.’

Valerie, Melbourne